Newswire: The Top Gun naval carrier retires from danger zone, enters scrapyard zone

The naval carrier that functioned as the passive, floating enabler to Maverick and Goose’s crippling addiction to speed is not long for this world. Entertainment Weekly reports that, much like dear, departed Goose, the naval carrier Ranger—made famous by its appearance in Top Gun—has suffered a fatal blow while trying to save itself from destruction. Presumably, Tom Cruise will soon be gently cradling the vessel in his arms while knowing, deep down, that it was all his dumb showboating which led to this sorry fate.

The carrier was sold to a corporation last year after repeated efforts to turn it into a museum failed. However, in early January, a petition called “Save The Ranger” emerged attempting to prevent the ship’s final voyage to the scrapyard by resurrecting the museum idea. But, much like the whispered rumors of deleted Top Gun scenes in which Maverick starts a …

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