Newswire: The Three Stooges hired for sequel despite the mess they made last time

Like a wealthy dowager who keeps hiring a trio of contractors, even though last time all they did was wreck everything, producers are coming back for another Three Stooges movie. The Wrap reports that the 2012 film’s production company C3 Entertainment has partnered with other rich people who want to gamble on nitwits over at Grand Peaks and The Exchange, hiring up-and-coming screenwriter Cameron Fay to craft another loose assemblage of scenarios for Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopolous, and Will Sasso’s Larry, Moe, and Curly to flop around in.

Though the first Three Stooges movie was a decade-plus-long labor of love for the Farrelly brothers, that love seems to have cooled, as they don’t appear to be involved. Rather than banking on the Farrellys’ reputation, the sequel is now pinning its hopes on luring an as-yet-unnamed “major action star” for the Stooges to annoy. The expectation is that …

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