Newswire: The Strokes release Atari-inspired “Drag Queen” video

The Strokes are releasing a new four-song EP today, set to coincide with their headlining set at this evening’s Governors Ball Festival in New York. To promote the new album—titled Future Present Past—they’ve released a new, very trippy music video, which looks amazing despite the fact that it also seems to have been filmed using the vertical mode on the bands’ phones.

Set to the recently debuted “Drag Queen”—which, like the rest of the album, is already available for streaming on Spotify—the video features work from visual artist Kidmograph, whose animated 3D works tend to look like old Atari box art came to life. (That’s a compliment, in case it wasn’t clear.) That old-timey arcade vibe is only magnified by the intentional letterboxing on each side of the images, giving the feeling of crouching over the scratched screen of an old Missile …

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