Newswire: The Stand delayed yet again, but Stephen King’s Revival is happening instead

Nobody said adapting an 823-page novel about the post-apocalyptic horror of living in the American South would be easy. Still, much like a certain other Stephen King property that has been in development since roughly the dawn of time, the bumpy process of turning his novel The Stand into a movie/miniseries/whatever has hit another speed bump. Last summer’s hopes it would soon be an eight-episode miniseries on Showtime followed by a three-hour movie are once more dashed, so maybe hold off on the Randall Flagg Halloween costume for now. Deadline reports the project has once again stalled, though at least this time it’s taking a backseat to another King novel being adapted: 2014’s evil electricity-wielding preacher story Revival.

Both projects are under the stewardship of writer-director Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars), who speaks about the author’s works with the kind of fervor …

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