Newswire: The spasmodic pop of Glockabelle goes 8-bit crazy in this exclusive video

While Beck’s songs for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World made sense for the inter-film group Sex Bob-omb, they never really felt as contemporary and frenetic as the film itself. A proper soundtrack would feature music as hyper, glitchy, and spasmodic as the movie it accompanied. That’s the kind of world suggested by Glockabelle’s music. A classically trained pianist from Paris, Glockabelle (née Annabelle Cazes) has been performing for years, garnering attention when she showed off her unique glockenspiel playing style during a tour with Fiery Furnaces in 2008. Most recently, she utilized her singing chops by voicing The Go! Team’s “Catch Me On The Rebound,” off the superlative new album The Scene Between.

Her new Wolf BBQ EP showcases her art-punk, synth-pop provocateur music with gleeful abandon, while still highlighting her exquisite musicianship. The video for single “Wolf BBQ” pairs a spastic track with an imagined …

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