Newswire: The Sorcerers Supreme team up with the Avengers in this exclusive preview

Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme has been flying under the radar, but it’s a damn good superhero comic. Doctor Strange is one of those characters that has a really cool concept but isn’t easy to make compelling, and writer Robbie Thompson has successfully crafted an intriguing story around Stephen Strange by putting him in the middle of a team of Sorcerers Supreme pulled from different points in the timeline. The cast includes a Native American possessed by the Ghost Rider, a gunslinging conjuror, a future version of Billy “Wiccan” Kaplan, and Sir Isaac Newton, who betrays his team to gain more magical power. After escaping mystical imprisonment in last month’s delightful “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style issue, the Sorcerers Supreme take the fight to their former colleague, joining up with the modern-day Avengers for a superhero free-for-all in Central Park.

Thompson’s story is a fun …

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