Newswire: The Sooper Swag Project takes math-rap to new heights with “Morse Code”

The Sooper Swag Project has never had much use for convention. For its latest release, Badd Timing, the group—which features self-proclaimed weirdo Nnamdi Ogbonnaya—took the tenets of math-rock and applied them to the world of hip-hop, making for the perhaps the first release that could rightly be called math-rap. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Morse Code” below, a track whose beat translates into an actual message in morse code. While the track only features Thrash Kitten (one-third of The Sooper Swag Project’s lineup), he carries the weight well. The video sees him running around in makeshift Army garb, as the song’s hidden message beeps in the background. For those with a desire to decode that hidden message, the assorted dots and dashes can be found on the video’s YouTube page. But even without the secret code, there’s still plenty in …

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