Newswire: The Simpsons tries to envision a presidential election where everyone is nice

Of all the ways someone could describe this presidential election—”terrifying,” “embarrassing,” “Jeb!”—surely the best word that sort of sums it up is “mean.” Everybody’s just mean to everybody else, whether it’s the candidates themselves or their supporters, and now it’s gotten to the point where even Marge Simpson can’t sleep at night because of all the fighting. In this promotional Simpsons clip that Fox has released, Marge keeps hyperventilating when she thinks of the horrible things that these politicians are saying to each other, so Homer suggests that she imagine an alternate reality where all of the candidates are nice to each other.

It works for a moment, with everyone from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to those Republican randos we’ll all have forgotten about in a few weeks singing and dancing together, but it doesn’t last. Unfortunately, the core of this …

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