Newswire: The Simpsons salutes Donald Trump on his awful first 100 days in office

Donald Trump has somehow managed to survive his first 100 days in office, and now The Simpsons has decided to celebrate that achievement with a quick animated short that highlights just how well things are going in the Trump administration. Of course, as anyone who isn’t one of Trump’s spineless sycophants could probably tell you, things aren’t actually going well at all, and one of the first shots in this clip is of Sean Spicer’s body hanging in the White House press briefing room with a noose around his neck and a sign on his chest that says “I quit.”

Unfortunately, that’s about as edgy as the short gets, with the rest of the jokes coming across more like straightforward references to real things than clever twists on them. Steven Bannon and Jared Kushner fight, Trump whines that he’d rather let Fox News read …

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