Newswire: The Simpsons is coming back on DVD

As the gaping holes in our media shelves attest, The Simpsons hasn’t released a new season on DVD since 2014, when it stopped home video production with season 17. And while that’s obviously well past the point most people mark the show’s decline, it’ll still be a treat for completionists (and fans of the series’ always-entertaining commentary tracks) to learn that The Simpsons is coming back to DVD. Featuring Fat Tony on the cover—because that’s how close we’re getting to the bottom of Springfield’s barrel of personnel—Season 18 of the show will arrive on physical media this December.

Ad copy for the release calls the season a pivotal one, noting that it was the show’s last outing before The Simpsons Movie arrived in 2007. Episodes from the season include the show’s 400th episode, “You Kent Always Say What You …

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