Newswire: The Shins oust Mariah Carey from her mall-based Christmas music throne

Unlikely challengers for the P.A. system holiday crown, The Shins have successfully deposed Mariah Carey as the undisputed queen of music you grow slowly annoyed by while doing last-minute Christmas shopping at the mall. For 20 years, Carey has held that holly-festooned, commercially acceptable throne with her alternately breathy and poppy “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a song scientifically designed to be just barely tolerable for the length of time it takes to walk from one end to the other of an H&M.

But now, according to the taste enforcers at PlayNetwork (the company that helps more than 400 companies design their in-store playlists), Queen Carey has been booted down the chimney to number two. In her place: The Shins, covering Paul McCartney’s yuletide HateSong candidate, “Wonderful Christmastime.”

It’s not clear what a cover of one of the least essential songs ever written by a …

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