Newswire: The secret diary of Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer is becoming an audiobook

The brand of haunting, sexually explicit first-person literature you like is going to come back in style. In the lead-up to the return of beloved cult hit Twin Peaks, a bevy of related pop culture projects are returning to shelves, as well. And chief among these, Screenrant reports, is a new version of The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer. An audiobook edition of the series tie-in novel is being released by Audible, and it will be voiced by Sheryl Lee, the actor who portrayed Laura Palmer in both the TV show and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

The Secret Diary, which was written by writer-director David Lynch’s then-22-year-old daughter, Jennifer Lynch, had initially functioned as a key part of the first season plot, with characters scouring the dead girl’s journal for clues as to who had killed her. The book covers Palmer’s life from age 12 …

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