Newswire: The saga of Martin Shkreli and The Wu-Tang Clan is getting the musical treatment

Cartoon supervillain Martin Shkreli’s douchebag powers are about to increase exponentially as Fact magazine reports that an IndieGoGo page has been launched hoping to fund a “musical caper comedy” about the infamous drug CEO’s madcap adventures buying a ridiculously expensive one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album just so he could be the only one to listen to it (and, presumably, to could take a picture with RZA).

But Shkreli won’t be the hero of the piece. (Not that it matters—Shkreli feeds on any form of attention, turning it into smugness like a Tinder-loving version of Parasite from the Superman comics.) Specifically, the musical will center on the since-disproven-but-still-really-fun rumor that Shkreli’s purchase of the album came with a caveat that it could legally be taken back, but only in a heist executed by members of the Wu-Tang Clan and/or Bill Murray.

True or not, that’s still …

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