Newswire: The Russo brothers are officially directing the Avengers: Infinity War movies

It looks like that dastardly Joss Whedon—best known for murdering fan-favorite characters like Hoban Washburne and Agent Phil Coulson—is finally loosening his tyrannical grip on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Badass Digest, he’ll be stepping down from directing Avengers movies after Age Of Ultron, and he’ll be replaced by Joe and Anthony Russo on the two-part Infinity War story—confirming a rumor we reported on back in November.

The Russo brothers previously directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which didn’t kill off any fan-favorite characters—except Agent Sitwell, but fuck him, he was working with Hydra—so that already makes them a step up from Whedon. Plus, they worked on Community and Arrested Development. Honestly, the worst part about this news seems to be that we can no longer make easy jokes about Whedon killing off fan-favorite characters. It’s like he killed off …

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