Newswire: The Rolling Stones announce touring museum exhibit

In a story that we’re 90% sure is some sort of elaborate trap for snarkily minded headline writers, The Rolling Stones have announced that they’re putting together a museum exhibit of old relics from a bygone musical era, and then touring it around the world for people to gawk at out of a mixture of nostalgic curiosity and sincere regard.

The band announced the upcoming museum exhibit—titled “Exhibitionism,” because there are some things you’ve just got to do when you’re a group of 70-year-old men who’ve spent more than half their lives as increasingly improbable sex symbols—via a video on its YouTube channel. Surprisingly, the video gives most of its focus to drummer Charlie Watts, who takes center stage while the iconic percussion from “Sympathy For The Devil” plays in the background. Watts declares that the exhibit will be all about him for …

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