Newswire: The robot revolution will be televised, as AMC and Channel 4 renew Humans

Like its synths, Channel 4’s Humans has toiled away quietly while viewers were trying to get their heads around the latest development on Westworld. But the sci-fi drama has raised many of the same issues about consciousness, albeit with less flair. Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley series recently wrapped its second season with a show-stopping cliffhanger. But rather than let the potential robot uprising come and go without a witness, AMC is teaming up with Channel 4 and Kudos for a third season of moral quandaries.

The announcement was made via press release, with Vincent and Bradley saying they were “thrilled to be continuing this story! The Humans audience will know that the end of season 2 changed everything. We can’t wait to bring this new world to life – along with the best cast in TV, our amazing partners at Kudos and two fantastically supportive broadcasters in Channel …

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