Newswire: The Robin Hood singularity begins with a Robin Hood TV series

It feels like only yesterday (because it was) that this whole Robin Hood thing was spinning out of control, the four separate movies about Sherwood forest’s favorite public domain intellectual property on their way to creating a singularity that will overtake us all. Today comes evidence that the singularity has begun, as a future consisting solely of Maid Marians and wealth redistribution streaks across the television spectrum. Deadline reports that a Robin Hood television series is in development, based on the outlaw archer during the reigns of Richard The Lionheart and King John.

British author Angus Donald’s book series The Outlaw Chronicles is the source material for this newest addition to the burgeoning swell of Hood-themed projects that will slowly transform all into Little Johns and Friar Tucks. Michael Konyves, co-writer of the upcoming Clive Owen starrer Last Knights, has been hired to write the adaptation. The story …

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