Newswire: The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road pick up even more awards at the BAFTAs

The BAFTA awards, wedged as they are between the Super Bowl and the Oscars, could probably be forgiven for lacking the spectacle or pomp and circumstance of those events. And Sunday night’s ceremony, aside from host Stephen Fry’s regrettable remarks about one of the winners, was indeed a tasteful affair which offered up virtually no upsets, thereby keeping all monocles firmly in place. Trophies were once again rained on The Revenantthe film nabbed several big prizes including Best Film, Director, Actor, and Cinematographer, which should probably make “the living hell” of its production a distant memory for everyone involved.

Brie Larson, who’s already won over the Hollywood Foreign Press, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Critics, was named Best Actress for her moving performance in Room, and she was once again joined in the winner’s circle by Steve JobsKate Winslet, who chased her Golden …

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