Newswire: The restored trailer for Son Of Frankenstein has risen from the grave

Something that today’s younger cinephiles will never get to experience is logging onto the rec.arts.laserdisc newsgroup and debate the existence of rumored lost scenes and alternate cuts. Before studios realized that deleted scenes and assorted extras were a terrific marketing tool, film enthusiasts debated for days on end about the existence of the “spider walk” sequence from The Exorcist or the Brad Majors/Riff-Raff love scene from Rocky Horror (one of those is real; one is not). If Suicide Squad were released in the ’70s, it would have taken twenty years to get that director’s cut into your hands (or a bootleg VHS from a vendor table at Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors) and rumors would have circled about exactly was cut for days on end.

With the Internet having grown exponentially since 1995—and all this information at everyone’s fingertips—there is a dearth of …

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