Newswire: The Red Sonja movie has a new writer, might actually happen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nu Image/Millennium’s long-delayed Red Sonja movie has a new writer, suggesting that maybe it’ll actually happen now. Red Sonja, for anyone who doesn’t read comic books about beheading people, is a series that stars a red-haired and mostly naked barbarian woman—the eponymous Red Sonja—who does the sort of things a barbarian would do. She’s mostly known for having red hair and wearing a metal bikini, though. Shockingly, she was created by two men, Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith, who worked on Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian comics in the ‘70s. An earlier Red Sonja movie came out in 1985 that starred Brigitte Nielsen as Sonja and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guy who was clearly supposed to be Conan, and Robert Rodriguez tried to get a remake off the ground recently that would’ve starred his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan …

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