Newswire: The real Olivia De Havilland sues FX over her depiction in Feud

One of the biggest dangers in making a TV show about actual Hollywood drama is that the people involved in Hollywood drama are often very concerned with how they are perceived, as Feud creator Ryan Murphy is now learning. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Olivia De Havilland is suing FX and Murphy’s Ryan Murphy Productions over the way she was depicted on the show, explaining that it put “false words” into her mouth as part of a “fake interview that did not occur and would not have occurred.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones played De Havilland on Feud, and the lawsuit says that she was depicted as “a hypocrite who sold gossip to promote herself.” This is apparently very upsetting for the real De Havilland, who has prided herself on the “reputation for integrity and dignity” that she built by “refraining from gossip and other unkind, ill-mannered behavior.” She’s also …

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