Newswire: The “real-life Cookie Lyon” is suing Empire for 300 million real-life dollars

A Detroit woman claiming to be the “real-life Cookie Lyon”—a moniker that, on the one hand, isn’t terribly complimentary, but on the other, is completely awesome—is suing Fox and Empire co-creator Lee Daniels for $300 million, which is totally something that the real-life Cookie would do.

Sophia Eggleston, a self-proclaimed former “drug kingpin” who has twice served prison time—once on drug charges, and once for placing a hit on what we can only assume was a rival—says that Daniels lifted numerous specific details from her life and incorporated them into the character of Cookie. The suit, which was presumably served stuffed into a leopard-print stiletto and hurled through the window of Daniels’ office, says that Cookie is “similar in behavior, style of dress, and background” to Eggleston, who indeed has the same taste for bold prints, mink stoles, and statement headgear as her alleged TV …

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