Newswire: The real Joe Biden found the real Stephen Colbert on last night’s Late Show

Expectations and anticipation for Stephen Colbert’s first week were, let’s just say, astronomically high. Whenever a new host enters the late-night talk-show fray, they’re freighted with the burden of reinventing one of television’s stodgiest formats, and Colbert was no exception. And while his first three shows haven’t taken The Late Show too far from what it was when it was fronted by David Letterman, he did reinvent himself a little bit last night—with a big assist from “Diamond Joe” Biden.

The conversation between Vice President Biden and former fake presidential candidate Colbert is as candid as anything that’s appeared in late night in the past decade, a remarkable pop-culture moment that does more than show the vulnerability of the United States’ second-in-command. In his emotional honesty and willingness to memorialize his late son Beau on national TV, Biden uncovers the “real” Stephen Colbert …

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