Newswire: The quest to make every comic book into a movie extends to Crash Ryan series

Plenty has been written about the fact that a bunch of dudes named Chris are currently starring in Marvel’s superhero films. But now one brave soul is daring to ask: When will Ryans get their day in the sun? According to Variety, producer Ryan Heppe has acquired the movie rights to the obscure 1984 comic book mini-series,Crash Ryan, which will finally give Ryans the chance to be involved in a superhero movie that isn’t Green Lantern.

Published under Marvel Comics’ now-defunct creator-owned imprint Epic Comics, Crash Ryan takes place in an alternate version of 1935 where airplanes are superpowered. A pilot named Crash Ryan ends up caught in the middle of a battle between the heroic United Airmen and supervillain “the Doom.” Creator Ron Harris based the series on his childhood spent on naval bases, and was particularly inspired by visions of the future as they were …

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