Newswire: The Price Is Right’s celebrity week is going great so far

Celebrities are really good at a lot of things, usually acting, or singing, or just generally being attractive. But they have a very shaky record when it comes to game shows that aren’t traditionally celebrity-based. Surely everyone recalls the celebrity Jeopardy! trainwreck that went down last year, with Anderson Cooper, Lara Logan, and Michael Steele struggling to understand some of the basic concepts of how trivia works. This week, The Price Is Right is doing its own celebrity thing, and compared to Jeopardy! last year, it’s actually going pretty well.

Granted, Jack Black did get smacked in the face by another contestant, but they both clearly understood the rules of the game, so it’s still a step up from that Jeopardy! episode. As reported by Uproxx, Black was standing by the Big Wheel for the Showcase Showdown, and a contestant named Andrew managed to spin 95 cents …

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