Newswire: The Price Is Right to meet CBS’ reality shows in an epic crossover battle

With the Flash speeding over to CBS for a Supergirl crossover in March, it seems like that network has caught a bit of The CW’s crossover fever. As reported by The Wrap, CBS is now planning a no-holds-barred crossover showdown between The Price Is Right, Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race, with the winner receiving sole possession of the giant, all-seeing eye that CBS based its logo off of. OK, that last part might not be right, but CBS will be putting on a series of primetime Price Is Right specials featuring former contestants on its various reality shows competing with fans of its various reality shows.

Drew Carey will be hosting the specials, though Phil Keoghan, Julie Chen, and Jeff Probst will stop by to reference Tribal Councils, requisite Big Brother twists, and the many relationships ruined by the pressures of being on The Amazing Race. Who …

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