Newswire: The Power Rangers movie has been delayed

Forcing us to question why big release date announcements exist in the first place, Lionsgate has delayed the release of its Power Rangers movie from July 22, 2016 to January 13, 2017. That comes from /Film, which doesn’t give a reason for the delay, but we can only assume it’s because the Power Rangers were about to win some big battle without incident and Rita Repulsa used her magic powers to turn whatever enemy they were fighting into a giant monster that the Rangers couldn’t possibly defeat with karate moves. That means production probably would’ve had to be put on hold so the Rangers could summon their Zords and then combine them into the Megazord, at which point they could finally battle the giant monster.

By the time the rad guitar solos came in and all of the cardboard skyscrapers were smashed, though, the movie was …

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