Newswire: The People declare that Big Bang Theory and Adam Sandler are popular and good

Stealing a breath of freedom in the dead winter air that was allowed them, The People gathered to join their voices into one prolonged scream—to take the expensive bootheel of the industry from off their neck, to revolt against the all-powerful fascism of professional critics, and exercise at last their People’s Choice to give The Big Bang Theory awards. Blood flowed, as did the platitudes. These awards meant the most because they came from The People, the honorees said, and for a moment the rabble was quelled. The delicate balance between the privileged few and the throng whose fealty feeds them was restored. Robert Downey Jr. smiled and looked like he was happy to be among them. He’s so down to Earth, The People thought. He’s one of us.

People’s Choice Awards. Let’s do this.

— Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) January …

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