Newswire: The people behind Parks And Rec and 30 Rock are going to Action Land

Both Parks And Recreation and 30 Rock managed to wring a lot more laughs than you’d expect out of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans at a government office and a largely terrible sketch comedy series, but a new project from veterans of both shows is heading to a setting that should actually be a bit more fun. As reported by Variety, Parks And Recreation‘s Mike Schur and 30 Rock‘s Matt Hubbard are developing a series called Action Land for NBC that “follows the exploits of the employees of a struggling local amusement park in Arizona.” The duo is working on a “single-cam, 30-minute pilot” for Action Land with Hubbard writing and Schur executive producing, but the Variety story doesn’t seem to have any details beyond that—including any cast ideas or premiere date possibilities.

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