Newswire: The Oscars no longer trust animators alone to know good animation

This year’s slate of Oscars rule changes will extend beyond making sure nobody’s dicking around on their phones while Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway collaboratively discover the best possible way to ruin La La Land’s evening. Today, the Academy announced that it’s also altering some bylaws that will have a potentially hefty impact on next year’s animation and documentary nominations.

Among the changes: Nominations for Best Animated Feature will now be in the hands of the entire Academy, not just the members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch. Previously, nominations for Best Animated Feature were made by a committee consisting of an equal mix of Branch members—who have to have worked on at least two animated features, or been nominated in one of the animation categories before—and general Academy members. That group has been accused in recent years of favoring traditional …

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