Newswire: The only gig Guillermo Del Toro regrets turning down is a Harry Potter movie

Guillermo Del Toro’s cinematic comings and goings (mostly the latter, these days) are a subject of constant discourse and vigil here at The A.V. Club. For example, when Legendary passes on both the director and his Pacific Rim 2 script, we have to wonder how invested we are in a sequel without the creator of that kaijus-and-robots world (okay, so John Boyega buoyed our interest a bit). And when Del Toro and Ron Perlman give up on Hellboy 3, we die a little inside as we prepare another marker for the graveyard of the director’s projects. That’s why we greeted the news that Del Toro turned down a Harry Potter directing gig with a mixture of grief and relief—you know, because at least that time, it was his choice, and not the result of some shadowy forces working against him.

While at the Annecy Festival …

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