Newswire: The Olsen Twins seek the sage counsel of Bob Saget before joining Full House reboot

Yesterday the floorboards shrieked and the walls moaned as this Full House became demonstrably Fuller, bursting now with a growing Tanner brood that has once more been called forth by death, to join together and laugh in delicious pain. But as we look upon this grieving shanty already teeming with the widow D.J., her two fatherless spawns, her blood sister Stephanie, her gibbering shadow self Kimmy Gibler, and Gibler’s own unholy teenage demographic fulfillment—plus John Stamos as “Uncle Jesse”—there is still a howling, catchphrase-less void. A place of emptiness and uncertainty as to dudes and whether they’ve got it. A question of whether the Olsen Twins will return, or whether this house will ever be truly full enough to blot out the encroaching darkness.

Earlier reports said that the participation of the Olsens—like that of Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, and the Rippers …

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