Newswire: The Obamas apparently just signed a huge book deal

Thanks to his killer vacation, Barack Obama may be the one guy in America who is actually enjoying himself these days (other than Steve Bannon, who is probably having the time of his life in whatever disgusting little hive he’s built for himself underneath Donald Trump’s desk), but the family vacation is eventually going to end, and both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are going to have something new to do when they get back to their real lives. According to Entertainment Weekly, they’ve both now signed book deals with Penguin Random House, with the publisher reportedly paying about $60 million for the pair of memoirs.

In a statement, Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle said that the Obamas “changed the world” with “their words and their leadership,” and the publisher hopes to make both of their books “global publishing events of unprecedented scope and significance.” The …

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