Newswire: The numbers for women and the Emmys are as depressing as you’d think

One of the many things the Women’s Media Center does is collect data on gender inequality in the entertainment industry. That means every awards season the Center ends up sending out virtually the same press release about how sexist the industry (still) is. And just in time for this Sunday’s Emmys, the Center has released a comprehensive study of gender and Primetime Emmy nominations over the past 10 years (from 2006-2015). Unsurprisingly, it’s not great.

Outside of the acting categories, which are divided by gender, the Emmy nominations are woefully unbalanced: Women have received only 22 percent of the nominations for writing, directing, producing, and editing over the past 10 years. In real numbers, that means 7,485 male writers, directors, editors, and producers are able to add “Emmy nominated” to their resumes, while only 2,074 women can do the same.

Women have had the strongest …

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