Newswire: The next season of Game Of Thrones might be flashing back to a major part of the show’s backstory

Driven mad by a show that continues to force them to fall in love with characters, then delights in finding increasingly cruel ways to divest them of their guts or heads, Game Of Thrones fans have become adept at the madness-tinged art of HBO prophecy, poring over tea leaves and casting reports to divine the next way the show will make them cry. Case in point: a theory put forward by Buzzfeed’s Robin Edds (who may or may not be dolorous), which uses a recent filming location notice and a casting announcement to build a remarkably compelling argument that the show’s next season will be tackling one of the most mysterious and influential moments in its long backstory.

The theory centers on the announcement that the show will be filming part of its sixth season at Castillo de Zafra, a 12-century castle in Guadalajara, Spain. On its own …

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