Newswire: The new Tyler, The Creator video is typically nuts

It’s been two years since Tyler, The Creator put out new music (outside a brief appearance on a recent Frank Ocean track, and the theme song to Bill Nye’s Netflix show, anyway). Today, the violently creative, frequently divisive Odd Future rapper released his latest video on the world, daring them to ask, “Who Dat Boy”?

And while the video for the new track isn’t quite the provocation of some of the old Odd Future stuff—it’s not “Rella,” for instance/thank God—it’s still pretty insane. Opening with Tyler blowing his own face off as a smiling picture of Leonardo Di Caprio looks on, the video sees him make his way over to his surgeon, A$AP Rocky, who quickly sets him up with a stapled-on new face. Lest you worry that Tyler—or his directorial alter-ego, Wolf Haley—has lost his knack for truly …

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