Newswire: The new James Bond movie is getting lots of money to make Mexico look good

The latest James Bond film is getting some serious tax breaks for portraying Mexico City as a nice, modern place, according to a report from According to the report, Spectre will receive at least $14 million for highlighting Mexico City’s skyline and other “modern” features, casting a role with a “known Mexican actress,” and writing the bad guy as any nationality besides Mexican. An additional $6 million is possible for additional positive Mexico City footage. That footage only amounts to about four minutes of screen time, meaning the Mexican federal government—which is shelling out the money—must be desperate for some good coverage, just as desperate as Sony and MGM are to supplement the film’s budget.

The Mexico-positive components were added to the script a month after shooting was scheduled to begin, when producers received an email from studio executives directing them to rewrite parts …

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