Newswire: The new $100,000 Pyramid will finally settle it: Jon Lovitz, or Deion Sanders?

Jon Lovitz, or Deion Sanders? It’s the classic schoolyard argument, inspiring thousands of heated discussions about the relative merits of the Dallas Cowboys and playing multiple sports at a professional level, versus the virtues of eating fresh and Newsradio season 5. But now, this storied quandary is finally getting an answer, courtesy of ABC’s new $100,000 Pyramid, which is pitting the long-time rivals (or, at least, people who have probably heard of each other at some point) against each other in its initial season. (Oddsmakers are currently favoring Sanders as the victor, if only because The Critic never fared very well against the pressures of Prime Time.)

Lovitz V. Sanders: Dawn Of Massively Different Career Trajectories is only one of several celebrity match-ups being offered up by the revived game show: Fans will also see Terry Crews vs. Natasha Lyonne, Martha Stewart vs. Snoop Dogg, and, of …

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