Newswire: The National releasing 9-LP box set of the same 3-minute song

Do you like “Sorrow,” the morose, three-and-a-half-minute from The National’s 2010 album High Violet? Would you like to listen to “Sorrow” for six straight hours, interrupted only by the brief moment of silence it takes for you to flip a record over? Do you have $150 to spend on collector’s edition vinyl box sets that contain only 105 live versions of the exact same tune, spread out across nine LPs? Are you obscenely rich or something? You’re not married, right? Seriously, you’re not married, right? And your wife is cool with that? Have you asked her? Go ask her. We’ll wait.

Provided your answers to all of these questions is “yes” and “nah, she’s cool with it,” 4AD is offering pre-orders now on A Lot Of Sorrow, a limited edition, 9xLP vinyl box set of The National’s 2013 show at MoMA’s PS1 …

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