Newswire: The MTV Movie Awards nominate either Channing Tatum or Seth Rogen for Best Shirtless Performance

The lights have been turned off, the red carpets have been rolled up, and the celebrities have retreated to their compounds, where they will either celebrate their victories or mourn their defeats with the help of expensive vaporizers and eye creams made from the blood of nigh-extinct flightless birds. The Oscars have been handed out, and awards season is finally over.

EXCEPT IT’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” begins playing)

The nominees for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards were announced today, and in keeping with its reputation as the fun, quirky awards show where anything can happen—particularly if that “anything” involves a movie for teens that made a lot of money—the show has made the bold and unexpected choice of nominating the unconventionally attractive Channing Tatum and Zac Efron for Best Shirtless Performance. It also somehow managed to both outdo the Oscars by nominating David …

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