Newswire: The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz is writing a book

If you’re a fan of The Mindy Project, the former-Fox/soon-to-be-Hulu sitcom that co-stars God’s gift to us all Chris Messina, then you’ve probably spent some time wondering about Ike Barinholtz. In addition to playing lovable dim-bulb Morgan Tookers, Barinholtz is also one of the head writers for the show, and even directed an episode. “Sure, that’s all well and good,” you’re probably thinking, “but Mindy Kaling already wrote a book, and she runs that whole show! Why so lazy, Barinholtz?” Well, now he’ll have a response for you (or least one besides, “Because I’m also in a bunch of other stuff, if you’d bother to check IMDB. And you call me lazy?”). The Associated Press reports the writer-actor is coming out with a book, so that’s one less thing Mindy Kaling can give him shit about.

Barinholtz is releasing a …

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