Newswire: The Mindy Project adds Mindy’s parents and replacement to the cast

Perhaps in a move to impress its new Hulu overlords, The Mindy Project has spent most of July just announcing season four’s guest stars, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Duplass brothers. And since it’s not quite August, we have even more casting news.

First, Deadline reports that temporary Harlan resident Garret Dillahunt will have a recurring role as Jody, a genteel southerner with “traditional values” who takes on Mindy’s OB-GYN duties while she’s on maternity leave. He will also reportedly think of her as a “tacky idiot.” Dillahunt’s played multiple drawling characters, sometimes on the same show, so he’s more than prepared to be appalled by Mindy and Danny’s love child.

Last season ended with Danny (Chris Messina) at Mindy’s parents’ door, and we will presumably see their awkward meeting play out in the new season. To that end, Sakina Jaffrey (House …

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