Newswire: The Messengers’ Anna Diop to play the hero’s (probably doomed) wife on the new 24

Having recently gone through the various angel-based tribulations of The CW’s now-canceled Bibleish show The Messengers, actress Anna Diop will now have to face the only thing more dangerous than a flaming meteor full of hot, sexy devil men: playing the wife of the hero on a season of 24. Diop has joined the cast of 24: Legacy, where she’ll star opposite Corey Hawkins as his character’s spouse, a character who is almost certainly doomed.

Hawkins is playing Eric Carter, a returning Army hero who must convince perpetual counterterrorism bunglers CTU—and their retired boss, played by co-lead Miranda Otto—that he has information relating to an upcoming attack on American soil. Said convincing will presumably involve a lot of running, shouting, and, inevitably, mourning, whenever Diop’s character, Nicole, is swept up and spat out by Carter’s bathroom-defying crusade.

The Messengers was Diop’s first …

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