Newswire: The Manhattan season 2 trailer is full of nuclear-powered angst

Things are getting even more serious in season two of WGN America’s period drama Manhattan—which is really saying something, given the show is already about creating the atomic bomb. Set to the warbling croon of Eddie Vedder, this trailer teasing the new season features plenty of grim, determined folks looking even grimmer and more determined than usual. (That is, outside of a couple of sexy-time shots.) It looks like Frank gets out of that burlap sack we last saw him in, and Glen, Helen, Sid, and the rest are back for more, too. Can Liza wrap her head around the power of the bomb? Will Charlie stop being a patsy? Will Richard Schiff ever not give us flashbacks to his role in The West Wing at inopportune moments? We’ll find out when Manhattan returns on Tuesday, October 13.

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