Newswire: The Man tries to stop Arizona teacher from playing Rage Against The Machine in class

Departing Arizona state superintendent of public education John Huppenthal has sent a “notice of noncompliance” to the Tucson Unified School District for using Rage Against The Machine lyrics in class, which sounds like something the Man would do in a Rage Against The Machine song. The notice specifically cites two classes at Tucson’s Cholla High Magnet School, one that used lyrics from “Take The Power Back” in a Mexican-American history class and another that taught KRS-One’s essay “An Introduction To Hip Hop” in an English class focusing on African-American perspectives. (Huppenthal also took offense to a handout that asked, “Why was American slavery the most brutal in history?” and a requirement that students recite Mayan and Aztec teachings daily.)

Both of these apparently violate ARS- 15-112, a 2010 law that prohibits teaching classes that “promote the overthrow of the United States government,” “are designed primarily for pupils of …

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