Newswire: The Lone Gunmen will be back for the X-Files revival

Chris Carter and the crew behind the upcoming X-Files revival seem refreshingly free of illusions about the forces of fan passion and nostalgia that brought their show back after more than a decade off the air. In the interest of pleasing those fickle masters, they’ve already reunited series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and shoved them into their FBI-mandated suit-and-flashlight combos, then surrounded them with a bunch of nerd-friendly actors and cameos.

Now, it looks like the X-Files team is going for the nuclear option in their efforts to rekindle love in the hearts of a fanbase hurt by lackluster final seasons and the underwhelming I Want To Believe: The Lone Gunmen are coming back.

The news comes courtesy of actor Dean Haglund, who played long-haired punk rock hacker Langly, one-third of the breakout trio of well-intentioned conspiracy nerds who appeared throughout the show’s run to give …

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