Newswire: The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord went ahead and made his own Oscar

While we were busy arguing over which Oscar snub was the most unforgivable (answer: all of them), The Lego Movie’s Phil Lord was doing something constructive with his time. In response to the inexplicable failure of The Lego Movie, a movie that gave critics as well as Internet commenters what are colloquially known as “all the feels,” to secure an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, Lord simply made his own:

It’s okay. Made my own!

— philip lord (@philiplord) January 15, 2015

There are many reasons why this is okay, actually, including The Lego Movie‘s impressive box office, Lord and his creative partner Chris Miller’s continued participation in the sequel, and the fact that now Lord and Miller can stay home and watch the Oscars in their pajamas while getting drunk and making snarky comments, which sounds like a lot of fun …

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