Newswire: The Leftovers’ Katja Herbers takes a poorly timed vacation to Westworld

Nobody likes it when their vacation is ruined by bad weather or a violent robot revolution, but those are both the sorts of things that you can’t really plan for. You just have to roll the dice and hope that your vacation won’t coincide with a lot of storms or a robot suddenly executing its maker in front of a crowd of people. Unfortunately for Katja Herbers from The Leftovers, she’s about to step into a similar situation, as Deadline is reporting that she has signed on to appear in season two of HBO’s Westworld as a very unlucky vacationer.

Specifically, she’ll be someone named Grace who is “a seasoned guest” at Westworld, but her most recent trip happens to coincide with “the park’s darkest hour”—i.e., the robot revolution that kicked off in the show’s first season finale. Herbers will be …

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