Newswire: The Kinks’ Ray and Dave Davies reunited on stage last night

From pretty much the moment they broke up in 1996, rumors have swirled suggesting we might someday see fractious siblings Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks hop onto stage together once again. But despite the occasional hints at some sort of reunion tour—and collaborations between the separated Davieses and their other former bandmates—it never seems to happen. That’s at least partially owing to problems of health (Dave Davies had a stroke in 2004), but it also probably has something to do with the brothers’ seemingly unavoidable delight in occasionally talking shit about each other—as when Dave Davies was asked about a reunion in 2011, and responded with, “About an hour with Ray’s my limit, so it would be a very short reunion.”

But last night—and for much less than an hour—that fabled reunion finally happened: As part of a concert held by …

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