Newswire: The Hunger Games team hired to make The Odyssey (like The Hunger Games)

The international success of The Hunger Games film series has struck a chord with Hollywood. Specifically, the chord that generates hundreds of millions of dollars. And Lionsgate, the studio behind the films, is eager to keep that gravy train rolling by hiring the people who made them all this money and asking them do the same thing, but with a different book. Deadline reports that the studio is developing a new version of The Odyssey, and has hired Francis Lawrence, Peter Craig, and Nina Jacobson to shepherd it to the screen—and possibly make it as much like The Hunger Games as they can, thanks.

While Lawrence directed the final three films in the series, and Craig co-wrote the two Mockingjay installments, Jacobson has been there as producer from the beginning, making sure the story of a revolution against a wealthy elite played out according to the dictates of a …

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